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Criticism and Nonfiction

When I'm at my best, I'm writing something meaty and labyrinthine—a piece of work with a strong thesis and hefty amounts of research to go with it. I love synthesizing sources and doing the legwork of writing and editing a paper or manuscript. I'm not one to be intimidated by lengthy footnotes or long bibliographies, especially when I'm working for academics and professional writers. I've selected the following pieces based on substance of argument, originality, and relevance to social politics that speak to wider topics of race, sexuality, gender, and class.

And a Few More Notes...
  • Received the Margaret Yocom Folklore Prize from George Mason University in 2020 for "From Mouth to Page: Will Allen Dromgoole and the Reproduction of Melungeon Folk Stereotypes," as well as the 2020 Rathbury at Random Award.

  • Currently a regular contributor to the Melungeon Heritage Association quarterly publication.

  • Was a columnist for three years at Around Reston Magazine, writing primarily on community activism, the arts, and local politics in Northern Virginia. It shuttered in 2020 due to COVID-19.

  • Granted the position of Graduate Teaching Assistant at George Mason University in January 2019; vacated in June 2019 upon joining Amplify Publishing Group as a Production Editor.

  • Presented at the 2019 Melungeon Heritage Association Conference in Wytheville, Virginia.

  • Invited to present at the 2019 George Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference.

  • Copyeditor and research assistant for Dr. Suzanne Raitt's annotated edition of Virginia Woolf's Orlando, published at Cambridge University Press in August 2018. I proofread and provided research analysis on context, history, and connections to other texts.

  • Research Assistant on Dr. Kara Thompson's forthcoming book, Memories of the Future.

  • Presented "Of Furs and Lace" at the June 2016 National Edith Wharton Society Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • "Of Furs and Lace" was also presented at the 2015 William and Mary Edith Wharton Undergraduate Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • Nominated for the Borish Prize, the highest writing honor given to English students at The College of William and Mary.

Photos: Still life in Charleston, South Carolina

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