Lauren Magnussen





I live in Virginia and am currently the Director of Production at Amplify Publishing Group, where I work on the entire book creation process with authors, from the manuscript stage to the printed product. I have a master's degree in English Literature with a focus on Southern studies, and I love nothing more than to explore this state and the American South, particularly its rural landscapes and small towns. Before that, I was the Press Coordinator at NextStop Theatre Company, where I published articles for local magazines, wrote press releases, ran the theatre's website, and helped execute the performances of diverse plays and musicals at one of Northern Virginia's professional theatre companies. Sometimes I dream in cartoons, and my role model is Nancy Drew. In another life, I hope I studied earthquakes in Guadalajara, and my favorite, famous (albeit apocryphal) last words are those of Oscar Wilde: "Either this wallpaper goes or I do."

A love of the art and substance of the English language began at a very young age, and this 

ultimately became the focus of my life's work. (My first short story, about the last moments

of a melting ice cream cone's life, was my first—weird, almost existential—literary contribution.) 

Researching, writing, analyzing, ghostwriting, and copywriting form the backbone of my knowledge, 

and I have spent all of my life working on editing and writing projects. That said, I thrive in all

different types of environments: behind the curtain, in an office, with my boots on the ground

as a political activist, or in the academic solace of a library's top floor. Experiencing these myriad

worlds gave me an appreciation of the hard work and dedication that it takes to manage time

(and sanity) in any situation.

The aesthetic aspects of our creative selves—as expressed through photography, film, and theatre—are a core part of my life. Their ability to prompt people to action and create change is what gives these arts their pulse and power. These mediums fill in the nooks and cracks of my personal and professional development. Our world is increasingly dominated by the visual medium, and it's essential to move with the future, while not forgetting the role the past plays in our collective and individual narratives. 

"Sometimes, I dream in cartoons."

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